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To get a chance to truly contribute to this world. To transcend love, music, science & art

To have time to do everything.

express what i have to express & try 2 make the world a slightly better place by doing it

My body being in complete harmony with my spirit and my soul.

I hate religious people i hope them disappear someday

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy

I live make a living and support my loved ones doing what I love. I’m happy


Sucessful misucian

Sucessful misucian

my memory erased, and then begin again

direcionar toda realidade para o sonho. para que não escape a forma.

Sleep all day and party all night!

marry with Jimmy

Sabrina Sato

Awaken Minds With Techno.

Every human being to not have any more suffering

Make something that affects another person…. art, music, an idea

How Was Your Solstice?

To be signed to Underground Resistance.

Not to be afraid

Not to be afraid

아다깨고싶어요 ㅠㅜ

Release a 2-track EP on Ultramajic that embodies the ideals of the brand.

To give, and receive knowledge

To give, and receive knowledge

To be at peace with my soul in L.A.

i wanna see jimmy in folk band

Connection and empathy to all


Universal Golden Age continuance

understand how life works

Backpack through South America

Compose a magnificent album, that makes people smile. Forever.

Become a registered Occupational Therapist.

Majic in Detroit noon to noon

to feel again

To redefine embodiment

I don’t make the same mistakes twice

To create a fully immersive event experience that can be enjoyed by all.

capitalism is dead and distribution is fair

내 자신이 되는 것

My dream is to be able to dream again

i want to find love then die but it’s okay if i die before that

I will destroy ISIS

Being a well recognised and comfortable independant artist

True Love & Peace Throughout The Multiverse

Live surrounded by music and by the sea

I am blowing everyone away with my mid-term project, living in love, and being a hermetic hoodlum.

I wanna see jimmy edgar perform in the Bay Area

To pull the realities of the future into the present.

channel the universe into music

Go to an Insane Clown Posse concert with Jimmy Edgar


Sueño con ver la 4ta dinensión

becoming jimmy edgar’s apprentice

i want to travel to the outer realms of this world and outer space, i want to fly like a bird

Ace my NCLEX

ascension to the 4th dimension and back to the 3rd

Strength, energy, precision


to hear Jimmy Edgar and Mark Fell make beautiful music together


to have the biggest schlong in hollywood and rise to the top of the porno game

To leave my life behind and give the people techno

Your Spaceship Comes From Within


I see her healthy and happy again.

i have master my mind and environment.

Get me on holiday now!

I wanna see bbygrrl smile every day

To wake up in 1972 and find out my life whole life was an acid trip

Quantum field doesn’t know dreams, your illusion of the world does, in fact you can do anything

SOPHIExJimmy Edgar collabs

Make an album with Jimmy Edgar


All I want is to believe

I wish I was Vegeta

No more terrorism in the world!

Acceptance, serenity, happiness, and love


For Narcoleptics To Conquer The World Through Lucidity

I am

state funded darts and pingaz for all

We’ve become more than yesterday. Soon we’ll be something new.

for micah to get taste

4 jason 2 stop listening 2 opeth

to bring the outcasts, outsiders, lovers, loveless, friends, &freaks together,as one, w my music

“A deep desire to free the world of it’s fear and pain, and help the people to feel free again”

to bring the vibes together in my communities

I dream that I can one day find the shackles I place on myself and transcend them

I dream that my god given talents will pay off and then my son wont be in daycare.

That I will have a successful rewarding career that is fully rewarding and satisfying!

I drea꙰m̻̣̼̥̘̻༙̺⃡ͦͮ of genི̘͎̼̪͎̪ͨͧ᷉͒͛ͪͪͅiè̀҈̨̝̝̝̝̝̟̠̫̬͍͍͙͙͖͉̼͍͞͞͞͝҈

My daughter will grow up in a world that is better than all of this

Build The Wall and make Mexico pay

I wish my belly button still worked and i could hook cool things up t0o it, like a straw.

I dream of electric sheep…

My dream is for all the animals to be safe & warm & happy.

❤️ I will inspire everyone around me to be better people and follow their heart ❤️

To be remembered by many for contributing positively to their lives

runaway to ibiza, marry a powerful druglord, and become queen of the nightlife

Own a wellness center to fight/prevent/undo chronic diseases

Help others to wake up

Donald J Trump for President 2016

I want to hold you more than I want to fuck you

Save the children

inspire children to inspire adults to be more like children

I think I am inlove with my best friend.

I want to be able to make the music i hear in my head


make my own rave

💕Eternal Love💞

To travel the world with my loved one

Free of fear of success + comfortable in my own skin as an artist.

I will transcend from the surly bonds of now and bring back sounds of then

going around the world with her and watching her smile every fucking day

being more inspired and focused on creation

BBQ all day//Rave all night

BBQ all day

I wish that everybody meditated daily.

Inspire others

getting a van and traveling

love and inspiration

Finding the inner light

Return to orion

dream to make an impact on the world through music

To stop chasing perfection and start chasing personal satisfaction.

creative success

Move to Berlin.

be loved


To make the people I care about happy

Health, happiness, true love, creativity, success

Inifite time and power, to create everything I can think of

To help define the future

I dream for a re referendum on the EU

Positive energy. Positive power.

love for everyone

Visitation from Extra Terrestrials who reveal to us a vast number of peaceful cosmic societies.

design and make

Make the world a better place through technology


Being a conceptual net-based artist

airborn love

To make people laugh

fly in space

Makes others happy via music

to find true love

A release on ULTRAMAJIC

modular jam session with jimmy

To cure the world of mental illness with techno.

Wars anymore

in my dreams i find myself drifting through the air when i allow myself to disregard gravity.

I wish my kitty could live as long as me so we can be friends for the rest of our days.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

With my new laptop I quickly have a grasp of 4D cinema and Photoshop

Being able to lucid dream so I can travel the universe

that People will be able to Unite, to become Greater

to travel the world sharing my music and art

Become complete.

All people are the same, and nobody discriminates.

I dream of a futuristic society, sort of Mecca aesthetic where capitalism isn’t as important as art

For poverty to be eradicated, and the illusions of the power of money to fall off the masses

My dream is to two dogs named Claude and Gremlin.

i’m eating an in-n-out cheeseburger

In my dreamz I fly and never age

To take my music production to the next level

people feeling connections between them just by their energy and being able to spread it

My dream is to find love and meaning in a world devoid of purpose

To create energy and wavelengths the likes of which have never been seen before.

My dream is to keep improving and continuing making music that I love.

To go back in time 200 years with present day technologies.

To create music I love and be able to share it with people all over the world for a living

I am getting my Deva powers back to help people grow super vegetables.


We are creating a new global culture through art, tremendously accelerating a SPIRITUAL renaissance

pay off my student loans and get a good job


Making an R’n’B song with Jimmy Edgar and Ciara.

My dream is to learn more, share more and love more

To pet the cats of all my favorite artists.

I dream of people realizing how right I really am.

My Dream is to fall in love with humans again

My dream is to contribute in the sound enginnering history and develop new technologies

My dream is to be an interstellar traveler.

I dream that the violence in my city will end and people will star loving each other.

no more fears and selfiecracy will disappear

I dream of Ultramajic floatation chambers

To become the most prolific visual designer

My dream is to fly above the sea, watching dolphins and other creature of the sea swiming!

I am centered to unleash exponential creativity, we all open our eyes to endless positivity.

People caring for others as much as themselves when needed, without superiority.

Dreamt I was floating on clouds of yarn, looking down on the farm land as i passed by.

To reach maximum potential and have days full of bliss.

I Dream to Create

Make a living DJing, traveling, making people laugh, and changing lives

I released a song on Ultramajic

Unite this fragile world in peace, harmony and love, despite our differences.

Reunion with forlorn friends

live on the moon, alone, forever

meet jimmy


Get rid of all my fears and let my heart guide me trough lyf <2

I live like I’m already ascended master

accept ego in order to live harmoniously

an open minded world, free from judgement and materialism

Floating in a realm of sound, color, and sensation. Pure love without currency or limitation.


Make good on potential

Achieving Photosynthesis

impact others

Bring justice to the world

My dream is to inspire people and live in a peaceful and beautiful environment <3

I will release my music for the world to behold

To create a culture.

build a legacy that i can leave for those i love!!

Making music. Also one world

Delve deeper into modular synthesis as a way to combat mental struggles.

Bernie Sanders for the win!

I want to have lunch with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

i wil achieve great success with my new projects

I desire the courage to pursue all of my dreams

I dream to see the world with vivid childlike eyes

I will find peace with myself and my place in the universe.

I dream that our next presidential election will be better in 2020

i want to complete my collection of pre-millennial Jansport bags

I want to complete my collection pre-millennium Jansport bags

I just want to travel the earth and figure myself out

i want a gf with colored hair who wears chokers and i don’t care who knows

I want to rule the world

I want to achieve maximum self-fulfillment through helping others

I am the most generous person that anyone knows and I inspire people with my virtue

i was in a rainbow polyester room with 30 cats. it was heaven.

one time i dreamt that pain was but a memory and love was the only feeling

I dreamt once my legs were clam strips

i worked in a sweatshop but we made iphones….. probably not a dream lol

last night i dreamt i was 12 and my parents finally bought me a Bop-It Extreme

I had a dream i was a rock and it changed me. I’m much more patient now.

once i dreamt i had a massive piano recital but i’ve never played piano before a day in my life!

dreamt i was flying an airplane with 300 Steve Buschemi’s on board. it was actually pleasant

i hardly ever dream, but when i do i’m definitely naked in a public place :(

last night i remember falling through concentric circles. i woke up refreshed

I met the drummer from Def Leppard and made his arm grow back like a starfish

one time i was super strong in my dream and i lifted my car with my bare hands like it was nothing

i was floating inside of a bubble and it never popped. felt safe like a womb

I would love to pet a real monkey this year because they are so cute.

Treat That ◉◎ Body Right

Heal The Hurt

i want to remain in the European Union #remain

i want my dog to be the first canine president of america